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Host Your Own Event at The 360 Cube

When organising corporate events, there are a number of factors you need to consider. One of the deciding factors affecting your selection of venue is accessibility.However, finding a facilitated yet spacious area within a bustling city is not an easy task.

Wondering why big companies and marketers choose to conduct corporate events in the city?

Recognition. Marketers and entrepreneurs have the habit of keeping tabs on recent events in the city.

Time is of the essence especially for people involved in the corporate world. They cannot afford to miss out on important meetings because they need to travel from outside the city to attend a business seminar or event.

Organising an event within the city means you have a central location, easy access and is more convenient.


360 Cube has the perfect space for you!

360 Cube is located at Wellington Street in St Kilda which is unique and has a vibrant space – ideal for conducting your business seminars, meetings and workshops. If you are looking for Virtual Address in Melbourne for your business, contact 360 Cube today!


  • Location is convenient and central
  • Spacious seminar/event/meeting rooms
  • Select from 50 seating capacity in theatre style, or up to 20 for table seating
  • Free high-speed wireless internet connection
  • Free street parking
  • Projector screen and whiteboard (projector available for hire)
  • Complete with modern amenities

Contact us to schedule a visit for a look around, or room hire. For any questions you may have, feel free to call us at 0412413061 or write us at


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