360 Cube’s Affordable Virtual Address Service in Melbourne

Having an office in the heart of a bustling city is major plus point for your business. However, there are times when you may not be able to have a properly functioning office in a central location. The reason for this may vary depending upon your business requirements:

  • it may be that you don’t need multiple physical/actual offices in different cities,
  • the cost of having and running an office in a major city is too expensive,
  • the space you want isn’t available.

Ever wondered why big companies prefer to have their offices in main cities?

One of the most important reasons is BRANDING. Brand image plays a significant role in gaining your clients’ trust. When your office is located in a key city, your customers, partners and anyone connected to the business creates a positive impression and trust for your company.

No matter what reason you have for not having an actual office in a major city we have the perfect solution- Virtual Office Address.

Get 360 Cube’s Virtual Office Address in Melbourne to create a strong and professional image for your company to support your branding efforts.

Why use our virtual address service?

  • Prestigious office location in Melbourne.
  • Virtual Office Address in Melbourne for $50 per month only.
  • Mail receiving and mail forwarding services.
  • 10% off room rates if you have your virtual address at 360.
  • Avoid the cost of running an actual office in a major hub.


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